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Antra Custom Ski

How to size your kids skis

First Things first the size of the ski will depend on the childs age, size weight and skiing ability. If your child is an average weight for their age the chart below will give a useful guideline to ski length.

The Toddlers
When children are first introduced to skiing the last thing you want to do is to put them off by buying skis too large. This is going to make it very awkward for them and they will probably spend more time on the floor tripping over the length of the skis. Skiing is a recreation for life and we do not want to put them off. Therefore for a child up to the age of about 4 the ski should come roughly, between the shoulder and their chin. With this length of ski they are able to feel the sensation of sliding while still being able to get up from the ground, side step, flop about and have fun with all their skis buddies in the nursery ski school.

Junior Beginners
Once your child is about 4 - 5 you need to take weight and height into consideration. The standard junior skis are made of a soft core material and as the kids dont have the body mass for bending stiff skis the skis are made more flexible to bending into the arc that makes the skis easier to turn. On average for a normal weight junior beginner the skis should come up to between the childs chin and nose.

Junior Intermedite and Advanced
As your childs skiing level and ability increases you can step up the length of the ski to around eye level. If you have a speed freak and park monster on your hands they will need a stiffer ski to absorb the shock of their aggresive style and the length could increase up to their forehead. If your child is happier skiing blues and likes easy carving a softer ski would be best with the length up to about eye level after about 2 years of skiing. Here at Antra we can customise all childrens skis to suit each childs abilities.

The above average height or weight junior skier
If your child is larger or heavier than the average child their age, they will not cope well on a standard junior ski as it will be too soft for their body mass making turning much more difficult. Normally they would have to step up to a beginner adult ski. Here at Antra we can make the perfect custom junior ski with the right amount of flex and stiffness for their weight and using the ideal length

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Want Fully Customised kids skis ?

Here at Antra we have 5 standard kids skis. They are 90cms, 100cms, 110cms, 120cms and130cms. We can make any other length and shape and customise the flex, stiffness and camber of the ski call us for a quote.

Weight ( Lbs ) Ski Length ( Cms )
40 - 50 Lbs 90cms
50 - 60 Lbs 100cms
60 - 70 Lbs 110cms
70 - 80 Lbs 120 cms
80 - 90 Lbs 130 cms
90 - 115 Lbs 140 cms

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